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Plasa Hosting merupakan jasa layanan teknologi informasi yang mengkhususkan pada bidang layanan internet service yaitu web hosting, domain, dan web design. Plasa Hosting saat ini mengelola ribuan domain dan hosting dari customer di seluruh Indonesia dan beberapa negara lainnya. Tentunya kepercayaan ini menjadikan tantangan buat Plasa Hosting dalam memberikan layanan, service yang lebih maksimal kepada customers dan calon customers Plasa Hosting. Plasa Hosting sangat berterimakasih atas dukungan customers selama ini yang menjadikan Plasa Hosting bertambah maju. Tanpa anda, Plasa Hosting tidak ada apa-apanya. HISTORY Plasa Hosting dibangun dari komunitas web design, software development dan programmer sejak 1998 di kota tercinta Yogyakarta, yang sebelumnya hanya sekumpulan pemuda, mahasiswa jurusan Teknik Informatika, yang masih saling berbagi ilmu dalam pemrogramman. Plasa Hosting dibangun dari proyek websites-websites kecil, gratisan dan murahan. Namun, menginjak waktu demi waktu, Plasa…

Use WhatsApp but don't want to chat? How to block someone on WhatsApp

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more than one billion users, WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular messaging application in the world. WhatsApp allows you to send messages to contacts over an internet connection, rather than using your text allowance. If you’ve been using WhatsApp, you may get to a stage when you want or need to block someone so that they can no longer contact you – and you them – on WhatsApp. If that is the case, here’s what you need to do.  
The free app is available for Android devices, iPhones and iPads, BlackBerry handsets, Windows Phone devices or Nokia phones, as well as compatible Macs and Windows PCs.  How to block a contact on WhatsApp Perhaps the person you want to block is one of your contacts – but you no longer want to communicate with them via the app. Here’s how to block a contact, depending on your operating system. Android: Open the WhatsApp app on your phone Tap your phone’s menu button (or the menu icon if your phone doesn’t have a menu button)Go to Settings, t…

The best smartphone of 2018: top mobile phones tested and ranked

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We're guessing you're here because your contract is nearly up, and you're wondering which the best phone in the world is - thankfully TechRadar has the answer.

We know that are so many handsets to choose from, but we still sift through them all to make sure we get to the bottom of each and can provide you with a great reason to buy (or not buy) each. We're in the middle of June now, and we've seen some interesting price variation in the last week - it's affected the top of our rankings, and there are some phones from 2017 that are far more attractive as a result. But perhaps you're wondering why you can trust us. Well, we check out every phone thoroughly, looking at number of elements but particularly some key things: how's the battery life? Is the phone well made? Is the screen impressive? Does the camera take real-life, sharable pictures? The key thing for us is working out how each phone will work in your day to day life, not on a tes…